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We have three varieties of grape at Bearley Vineyard - two red and one white. All of our varieties have been specially developed for cool weather climates and ripen earlier than continental grapes, making the most of the shorter English summer.

Every winter we prune most of the vines to the Scott Henry trellis system which allows maximum exposure to the sun and means the grapes can ripen in our temperate climate.

Like most other European vines, ours have been grafted onto American rootstocks, which provides them with a natural resistance to Phylloxera, a soil aphid that caused the Great French Wine Blight in the 19th century.

We harvest our grapes between September and October after careful measuring of the sugar and acid levels, and of course, paying close attention to the weather forecasts.


Pinot Noir Précoce


An early ripening form of the famous purebred Burgundy grape and was one of the earliest varieties grown in the UK. Pinot Noir is one of the traditional grapes used to make Champagne and makes excellent sparkling wines as well as being the variety used for our most prestigious still red.


Used in Bard's Red




One of a new generation of hybrid varieties developed by crossing a European purebred with an American hybrid, creating a naturally fungus resistant grape with an intensive colour. We have used the grapes for both a blended red and our single variety rosé wines.


Used in Regent's Red and Rosé


Seyval Blanc


An older hybrid developed just after World War I which created great controversy for the use of hybrids versus purebreds during the revival of English winemaking. It has one of the greatest disease resistances of all grapes.


Used in Avon Swan and English Sparkling


Vines usually take three years to mature, so we have reached full production and we expect to produce between 5,000 and 10,000bottles each year.

Our selection includes single variety still red, rosé and white wines, together with a sparkling white wine. In 2020 we will introduce our first pink sparkling wine made from the Pinot Noir Grape.


You can find out more about our wines here.

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